Replacement for antifouling and reduction of drag for boats, yachts, ships and other vessels

How it works

Ceramic Pro line of products for marine application protects surfaces of any vessel both above and below water line. Harsh operational conditions in sea is a well-known problem of yacht and boat owners. Ceramic Pro Bravo that goes on surfaces above waterline protects surfaces from physical and chemical damage, refeshes and saturates the colors, makes cleaning easy, which allows the crew spend more time on more important objectives. Ceramic Pro Marine provides protection for the hull and surfaces that are submerged into water. Not only it is an eco-friendly alternative to contemporary anti-fouling systems, it also improves the performance of vessels. Testing in tow-tank showed a 3.3% drag reduction, which improves the top speed and fuel consumption of a vessel.


Protection of overwater, underwater and internal parts

of any marine vessel

Excellent resistance

to dirt and water

Protection against aggressive action

of marine environment

Powerful protection against UV

and color fading, compared to wax

Mirror shine

unattainable for polymeric sealers

Saturation and refreshment of color

preservation of new look

Easy cleaning

fast drying

Does not contain heavy metals

not toxic for environment

Hull protection

against fouling with algae and shellfish