Make cleaning easy and fast. Protect surfaces and furniture from stains and various damage.

How it works

Ceramic Pro Home product line is dedicated to making your lives easier and creating a cozy environment that you will not be worried about. We can protect the walls of your living room from drawings of your 3 year old kid, that expensive marble countertop from an accidently spilled glass of red wine, the cooking area from coloring with spices and boiling grease, your garden furniture and facade of your house from getting damaged by rain and burning sun. But most importantly we can give you peace of mind. With Ceramic Pro Home you know that your home and al your prcious belongings are safe and will last for a long-long time.


Multi-functional protective coating for any surfaces:

stone, metal, glass, wood, etc

Creates exclusively strong and durable barrier

resistant to solvents, acids and alkali

Increased protection

against mechanical damage

Refreshment of appearance

and its preservation

Reliable protection against UV

harsh weather conditions and corrosion

The coating repels

oil and dirt, and provide anti-graffiti effect

Easy cleaning

and complete removal of any material’s traces is ensured

Does not contain heavy metals

not toxic for environment